Kari Alberg

Dia de los Muertos - Plains Art Museum
Karri Alberg
Artist Statement:
The bone structure of the bison contains the names of the artists that participated in the print suite. The bison numbering in the millions once roamed the great plains. These creatures predated humans and later provided nourishment and shelter to those who lived here. It is important that we celebrate them as well as the artists.

Twenty Views of Dundas
Kari Alberg: Twenty Views of Dundas
Billy Breckenridge
Artist Statement:
I grew up on a farm with large workhorses. When I saw the photo of the little child, Billy Breckenridge, on the huge horse it reminded me of my family and other rural families who captured their pride by photographing their children and animals. Yet given the scale of the boy with respect to the horse, I thought how frightened the child must have been a top that massive horse, as his small hand appears to hold a clump of mane hair. I met the real Bill, now retired, who remembers “to this day” the photo, his fright, and the name of the horse Pingo.

Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints
Alberg 480

Northfield Governors Ball Lithograph
governors ball 480

The First Edition
Kari Alberg