Past Projects

Trevi Fountain of the West

A Project Proposal for the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Cannon Falls Facility

ArtOrg Purchases Building for Operations.

Thousand Print Summer

A Minnesota State Arts Board Grant Fueled Events This Summer.

The Seat Suite

A Group of Seating Elements for the Ordway Children’s Festival.

Glen Hanson Gallery Exhibit

An Exhibit from 13 Minneapolis Artists from the former Glen Hanson Gallery.

Grupo Soap Web Hosting

Hosted content for GSdC’s 11th Anniversary Exhibit.

2011 Viking
Library System

We traveled to six libraries and affiliates in the Viking Library System.

2011 Northwest
Regional Library Events

We nearly hit a moose on our way to print for 7 libraries.

St. Cloud Cult Print

Large collaborative print unveiled at Mississippi Music Fest with GrandPre and Cloud Cult.

Five Sculpture

Five artists working on large sculptures. Ongoing.

Peace Caterpillar

Five events provided print blocks for a 100-foot-long work exhibited in Minneapolis.

The Big Print

A 5000-square-foot work from 1180 people in an overall Norwegian knitting pattern theme.

2010 Zigmunds Priede
“Time Revealed”

The inaugural gallery exhibit of our Switzer’s Nursery location.

10/17/10 MAPC
Northfield Day

ArtOrg was central to 9 Northfield events in conjunction with this conference.

2010 Minneapolis Monarch Festival

Our Thousand Print Summer event printed for nearly 300 artists.

2010 Northwest Regional Library Events

We traveled within 4 miles of Canada to print for 5 libraries.

2010 Great River Regional Library Events

We traveled to 17 venues in 19 days printing for libraries.

2009 Going to
California Exhibit

We traveled to Minneapolis to exhibit our five collaborative projects.

2009 Dia de Los Muertos-
Plains Art Museum

Gustavo Lira Steamroller Print
We traveled to Fargo, ND to print with nine artists. Accessioned into Plains Art Museum.

Thousand Print Summer

2008 Thousand Print Summer
We traveled again to regional art fairs to print for kids.

Moving Walls Gallery I

Glass Blowing
Our gallery at 200 Division St. in Northfield hosted dozens of exhibits, events and classes.

Ride with the Mayors

We put together the route and map for this seven-stop tour of Northfield public art.

2009 Vermillion:
An American Print Shop

Vermillion Inks
A big display of printed works and the suggestion of relocation was our “American Print Shop” exhibit.

2008 Twenty
Views of Dundas

The Twenty Views of Dundas
A fine-art print suite featuring 21 artists. Accessioned into
Weisman Museum.

Thousand Print Summer

2008 Thousand Print Summer
Sponsored by Forecast Public Art, ArtOrg traveled to ten art festivals and printed for 1180 people.

Czech Printmaking Exhibit

Jan Vicar
200 people attended the opening of eight printmakers direct from the Czech Republic.

Winter Concert Series

winter concert series
We organized a ten-week, 18-band, 500+ attendance series with a wide range of music.

Japanese Animation Festival

ArtOrg Japanese Animation Festival
ArtOrg worked with MCAD’s Rana Raeuchle and Frenchy Lunning on this special film festival.

2007 Summer Solstice
with The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus
We opened the dozen-artist Summer Solstice Exhibit with a 350-person The Bad Plus concert.

2007 48-Hour
Film Contest

Masked Destruction
In 48 hours, ArtOrg created a 7 minute video for submission to this worldwide contest.

ArtOrg Info Booklet

This 100-page 11 x 17 booklet from 12/06 summarized ArtOrg activity to date.

2006 Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints

Day of Dead
This collaboration of 13 artists was a central to a 400-person Day of the Dead celebration.

2006 Fall
Class Schedule

2006 Class Schedule
This newspaper highlights a huge schedule of classes and events held in the Fall of 2006.

2005 Sesquicentennial
Governor Ball Lithograph

Sesquicentennial Governors Ball Lithograph
Artist Kari Alberg made a large 4-plate print in the style of Toulouse-Lautrec at ArtOrg.

2005 John Berkey
Observed Exhibit

John Berkey
ArtOrg was honored to hold the first comprehensive exhibit of work from artist John Berkey.

The First Edition

First Edition Binding
The First Edition is a 13 artist project of stone lithographs from our figure drawing open studio.

Jazz Concerts

Dennis Spears
ArtOrg held jazz concerts with Dennis Spears, Sanford Moore, Dave Karr and more.

Mary GrandPre Exhibits

Harry Potter
Art exhibits founded huge book release events, and Mary taught our kids to draw Harry.