2007 The Bad Plus and Summer Solstice Exhibit

The Bad Plus
On June 22, 2007 ArtOrg hosted a concert at the Carleton Concert Hall with The Bad Plus, opened by Rob Curto’s Forro For All. The gallery exhibit “Summer Solstice” began after the concert. A special treat from the gallery exhibit were previously unseen works from John Berkey’s two sons, Brian and Kevin. Over 350 people attended the concert, and the last person got kicked out of the gallery at 2:30 am!
There was considerable press regarding the event and an interview of the band appears, ArtOrg uncredited, at the MSP magazine. We rented the Carleton Concert hall ourselves and provided everything to make the event happen. Sponsors of this event were College City Beverage, Coffeehouse Blue Monday, Kent and Heloisa Holden, Peter Dahlen, Mark Fries, Jim Machacek, Greg Mattern, Ron Wolfe, Bob and Cheryl Anderson, Chapati, and Graphic Mailbox.


The Music

Summer Solstice Exhibit



Summer Solstice with The Bad Plus

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