ArtOrg purchased the building at 214 4th Street N. in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, and this location will be our primary home. We consider ourselves a regional group, and we will continue to serve customers in Northfield and throughout the state. The new ArtOrg building is very unique because it has a 5000-square-foot wide-open area for studios, ample space for our offices and meeting rooms, three apartments which will eventually serve as artist residencies, and a large outdoor space for public art installations. Please refer to the additional page about the City of Cannon Falls itself.

The purchase of the facility was supported through important friends of ArtOrg, and also through the help of the Economic Development Authority of Cannon Falls that provided a development loan from the city’s Revolving Loan Fund. We hope that ArtOrg can become an important strategic tenant as Cannon Falls continues to develop its downtown. Please watch ArtOrg as we create plans to improve and renovate the building.


New Cannon Falls Facility

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Past Spaces

Switzer’s Nursery, Castle Rock MN

glen hanson 240

200 Division St, Northfield MN

grandpre 240

314 Division St, Northfield MN

studio 240