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glassblowing 480

ArtOrg has held many typical art classes for kids and adults in our previous facilities, and we intend to do that again. The main way in which educate is the “Thousand Print Summer” which teaches printmaking to kids and adults. As of the start of 2014, we have been to 109 schools, libraries, art festivals and county fairs in 55 cites and served 9,199 happy artist customers. One of ArtOrg’s early goals was to build a capability to teach 1000 people per year–and we are please to have reached that goal with the Thousand Print Summer. We include on this page a link to a class offering catalog which we used in late 2006. We also hosted a weekly figure drawing class for several years, which was very popular–artists need to draw. In general, we will hold classes if we have enough registrations to cover the instructor’s fees. This is a real opportunity for small groups of students. Please talk to us about creating your own “perfect” class in your favorite art area. Also, printmaking instruction will likely be offered on an ad hoc basis on a flexible schedule.

Kids Drawing 480

Print Studio

Garciagodoy Lecture

Past Classes Included

  • Thousand Print Summer
  • Glassblowing Open Studio
  • Figure Drawing
  • Printmaking Classes
  • Japanese Animation Festival
  • Cuttlefish Bone Casting
  • Metal Spinning
  • Intro to Letterpress
  • Comickers Unite!
  • Horse Drawing On Site
  • Raku Pottery
  • Intro to Silk Painting
  • Polaroid Image Transfer
  • Blown Glass Beads
  • Gouache by Gosh
  • Kumihimo
  • Floor Cloths
  • Intro to Blacksmithing
  • Building a Dragon With Clay
  • Aluminum Sand Casting Demo
  • And many more…

Past Class Offerings

Late 2006 Catalog


Prairie Creek Sequoias Print (2 min)

Thousand Print Summer (7 min)

GrandPre Draws Harry Potter (73 min)