2005 The First Edition – Print Collaboration

ArtOrg’s first collaborative printing project is called “The First Edition” and used a 100-year-old lithography printing press. The concept was simple: give old litho stones to our Tuesday night figure drawing workshop, and pull an edition of prints from each artist’s work. The artists in most cases drew directly onto the heavy stones during our live figure drawing workshop. Several artists also drew on so-called transfer paper and then their work was transferred to a stone in the printmaking studio. Mary GrandPre for example, did her drawing in her Florida studio from a photograph of the model.
We bound the edition into a handmade book with the help of Scott King. This limited edition book contains 11″ by 13″ stone lithography prints from 13 different artists. Scott added a hand-printed title page to the edition suite from the old iron handpress that may have belonged to the Northfield News years ago.
We demonstrated stone lithography at the opening of the associated gallery exhibit of the work on March 4 of 2005.

First Edition Binding

Collaborating Artists


  • Don and Denise Lum

The First Edition

Suite of thirteen stone lithographs in an archival handmade book and box.

Artists 13
Year 2005
Art Size varies
Sheet 11×13.5
Book 14×17.25
Edition 20
Foundrs Ed 3
Proofs BAT,AP,PP
MuseumP ArtOrg
Prin Printer Swearer
Printers King, Klocke
Publisher ArtOrg
Marks Signatures, chops


Working on the Project


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