ArtOrg supports itself by organizing events and projects that have art and products that can be sold to pay the costs of the organization. Good examples of this are the various print collaborations we have initiated. For the most part artists are offered honorariums to participate in these projects, but also all of the materials and expenses are paid for by ArtOrg by the associated sales of those projects. In some cases, art is donated to us by artists for sale, or we produce posters from our gallery shows that are also for sale. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing wonderful art!

2008 Twenty
Views of Dundas

Fred Hagstrom: The Twenty Views of Dundas


2006 Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints

Day of Dead
Price Varies
$750 to $1400
Limited Availablity

2005 Sesquicentennial
Governor Ball Lithograph

governors ball 480

Limited Availablity

The First Edition

First Edition Binding


An Artistic Spell Poster
Mary GrandPre

Mary GrandPre Poster

original signature

John Berkey Observed

John Berkey Observed Poster

original signature

Scott West
Original Stage Painting

Scott West