2006 Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints

Kari Alberg
The Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Suite of Steamroller prints was created in the days leading to a first-ever community celebration on November 1, 2006 in Northfield, Minnesota. It represents the hard work and artistic content of the local Latino community, the Minneapolis-based Grupo Soap del Corazon, and the community arts group ArtOrg.
This edition is limited to 5 four-foot-by-eight-foot prints; the print 1/5 is the 104-foot-long print. Print set numbered 2/5 has been accessioned into the permanent collection of the Fredrick R. Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. Prints numbering 3/5, 4/5, 5/5 are generally for sale. In two cases, the 5/5 print was not printed. In five cases, an additional “hors commerce” print was pulled to use as advertising only. No artist proofs, printers proofs, gallery proofs, or other prints in this edition exist. All prints are stamped with the ArtOrg embossing chop.

Anselmo Cornejo: 2006 Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints
Betto Limon: 2006 Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints
Claudia Billy Baca: 2006 Northfield day of the Dead Steamroller Prints
Cristina Maria Tavera
Cristina Perez: 2006 Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints
Douglas Padilla: Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints
Gustavo Lira
Juan Jose Palacios
Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas
Rick Swearer
Steven Nuno Nunez
Xavier Tavera




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The Arc of 2006 Events

  • 10/14/06
    Printing of the 104-foot-long Day of the Dead Print
  • 10/23 to 11/7/06
    Day of the Dead Gallery Exhibit
  • 10/28/06
    Ray Gonzalez Poetry Reading
  • 11/1/06
    Celebration at Northfield Armory
  • 11/2/06
    Long Print at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church
  • 11/3-4/06
    Long Print at St. Olaf College
  • 11/8/06
    Juanita Garcigodoy Talk
  • 11/23/06
    Exhibit Travels to NE Minneapolis

Northfield Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints

Thirteen large four-foot by eight-foot steamroller prints.

Artists 13
Year 2006
Art Size 48×96
Sheet 50×100
Edition 5
1 of 5 long fabric
2,3,4,5 of 5 paper
Proofs 5 HCs total
Printer Machacek
Publisher ArtOrg
Marks Signatures, chops


2006 Day of Dead Celebration

104-Foot Long Print

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Weisman Museum Reception

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Minneapolis Opening

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Steamroller Printing

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2006 Day of the Dead Steamroller Prints

Abby the Shopping Tabby

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