Going to California (Building) with a Boatload of Art

Opening Crowd

On Saturday November 14, 2009 ArtOrg opened its biggest show ever “Going to California (Building) with a Boatload of Art” at the expanded California Building Gallery at 2205 California Street Northeast in Minneapolis. We are excited to showcase the results of five years of work. Please come to celebrate the recent accession of the “Twenty Views of Dundas” project to the Weisman Art Museum, and also see nine new large steamroller prints from our project with the Plains Art Museum and the Latino artists from Grupo Soap del Corazon.

The Opening Event was Saturday, November 14 at 7pm. Hours of the exhibit totaled 30 hours per week and were: Saturday, November 14 to Sunday, November 29; Thursdays, 12 to 8pm (closed Nov 26), Saturdays and Sundays, 12 to 6pm.

The exhibit was named by mnartists.org at one of the top TEN things to do for the second week of the show, ArtOrg’s director was featured on KFAI and KYMN radio talking about the show, and the exhibit was also reviewed by a certain Arturo Gentry (whose name just might be a nom de plume for art giant Aldo Moroni):

“ArtOrg at the California Building Gallery, “Goin’ to California”. It was a misty rainy night when I walked in through the big glass doors and found myself in the giant white room. The place was cleaner than Hennepin County Morgue. The impresario Snoop Dougie Padilla was longing in the corner pontificating to the loyal. His partner in this circus of print media was Dave Machacek the infamous Northfield art mobster. Machacek patrolled the floor for serious art patrons the bum was a like blood hound on the make. But that dog was at the wrong crime scene. This was the best show I have seen here since the Louvre show, you know the one where MIA hosted the Frogs. But then again I just saw that show 24 hours ago. Still it was a fine group of printsmanship and it stands as the best proof that Giclee and digital print is not even remotely related to quality fine art print making. They should have shown a little more info on the tech because all the master tricks were on parade. Etchings and lithographs, serigraphs and block prints, vied for attention like hipsters at a rave. It’s a low down shame that the patron base didn’t know about this show because the real heist is waiting to be done. The entire suite of two dozen important prints is for sale for fifteen hundred bucks! That’s a crime I can endorse.”

The Wonderful California Building Gallery!


Every Printing Block will be Exhibited

see large size here


Pepe Kryzda

Douglas Padilla

Diane Schrader

Cristina Maria Tavera

Xavier Tavera

Marty Harris

Carolyn Swiszcz

Gustavo Lira