Ray Jacobson

Five Sculpture Project

Twenty Views of Dundas
Ray Jacobson: Twenty Views of Dundas
Artist Statement:
The role of wheat in the history of Dundas makes a close connection with my own growing up on a family farm. In those days the full stocks of wheat were cut and formed into shocks left to dry before threshing. Milling technology developed by the Archibald Mill resulted in the production of widely acclaimed and sought after wheat flour. The role of wheat in the history of Dundas connects closely with my own background.
ArtOrg Note:
This design of this print is largely contained on one of the elements of the large bronze sculpture of the same name at the Northfield Sesquicentennial Legacy Plaza. The last layer of the print was also dusted with a bronze powder, as a result there is also bronze in Ray’s print for the Twenty Views of Dundas.


Ray’s Sculpture in Northfield

Ray and Steven Nunez


Ray Jacobson

Medallion on Harvest Sculpture

Element on bronze sculpture "Harvest"