2004-2007 Japanese Animation Festival

ArtOrg Japanese Animation Festival
ArtOrg ran our Japanese Animation Festival for four years, and was partially held in conjunction with the Carleton Cinema & Media Studies Department. We wish to thank Minneapolis College of Art and Design professor Frenchy Lunning and graduate Rana Raeuchle for their help in organizing the films and leading the festival in spirited discussions. Frenchy Lunning is one of the founders of the internationally-recognized three-day “Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits” workshop held every year at MCAD. Rana is in-store display designer for Trader Joes, has taught Manga classes at ArtOrg and also helped us paint a skyway in Rochester, Minnesota.

2007 Schedule

  • 10/12
  • 10/19
    Blood: The Last Vampire
  • 10/26
    Spirited Away

2006 Schedule

  • 10/6
    Castle of Cagliostro
  • 10/13
    Gallery Fake
  • 10/20
    Read or Die
  • 10/27
    Ouran High School Host Club

2005 Schedule

  • 10/7
  • 10/14
    Fruits Basket
  • 10/21
    Macross Plus
  • 10/28

2004 Schedule

  • 8/17
    Understanding Anime


2005 Event

Rana Raeuchle

Frenchy Lunning