2004-2009 Moving Walls Gallery 1

Mary GrandPre An Artistic Spell

ArtOrg operated our “Moving Walls Gallery” at 200 Division Street S. in Northfield, Minnesota for five years and held on average eight significant exhibits per year.

Highlights of the early years of the gallery might be the first-ever Northfield High School Honors Art Show, the first two shows from local artist Nick Sinclair, and the very special “Mary GrandPre: An Artistic Spell” which was the foundation of two successful Harry Potter book release events for downtown Northfield. Highlights for art collectors might be the premier exhibit of our Day of the Dead steamroller prints that were ultimately accessioned into the permanent collection of the Weisman Art Museum, or the exhibit “John Berkey: Observed” which had total art sales of over $100,000. The John Berkey exhibit was advertised in ArtNews and featured original art from the popular film Star Wars. Printmaking aficionados may have liked our exhibit of eight printmakers from the Czech Republic that had over 200 people for the opening, or Vermillion: An American Print Shop which featured the most complicated and largest editioned piece from the artist Red Grooms. Our “Summer Solstice” exhibit of various artists was kicked off by a 350-person concert of The Bad Plus.

Our “Moving Walls” and track lighting system have moved to the California Building in Northeast Minneapolis where we plan to hold an occasional shows. We also plan to hold smaller exhibits in our studio at 314 Division Street in Northfield. We would sincerely like to thank Mary GrandPre the late artist John Berkey and his family for trusting us and allowing us to hold such important exhibits of their original art.

John Berkey Observed

Jan Vicar Gold Rain from Czech Printmaking 2008

Illo Minn A Collaboration with The College of Visual Arts

Katherine, Marcel and the Bride by Red Grooms

Exhibit List

  • 1/16/09
    Vermillion Editions
  • 11/16/08
    The Twenty Views of Dundas
  • 10/28/08
    The Long Print at MCTC
  • 5/14/08
    James Lenfesty Reading
  • 5/13/08
    ArtOrg at Art-a-Whirl
  • 4/28/08
    ArtOrg 1-2-3
  • 4/7/08
    Czech Printmaking 2008
  • 3/9/08
    Illo. Minn.
  • 1/3/08
    Reception at Weisman Museum
  • 10/20/07
    Day of Dead Prints at Medtronic
  • 10/5/07
    48 Hour Film Premier
  • 6/22/07
    Summer Solstice / The Bad Plus
  • 5/24/07
    Hope Cook: Brown Box Notes
  • 5/14/07
    ArtOrg at Art-a-Whirl
  • 4/20/07
    Hot Glass: Student Work
  • 4/20/07
    Howard Olson Reprise
  • 11/18/06
    Dia de los Muertos Prints in Mpls.
  • 11/10/06
    Mary Reid Kelley: Paper Union
  • 11/1/06
    Day of Dead: Armory Unveiling
  • 10/21/06
    Day of Dead: Exhibit / Lectures
  • 9/23/06
    Howard Olson: Waters and Land
  • 9/23/06
    Kids Prints: Sailing Out of Sept.
  • 8/25/06
    Sinclair Lowbrow-High Octane 2
  • 7/27/06
    Vintage Band Photo Exhibit
  • 7/14/06
    Mel Racho: Why Are You Here?
  • 6/12/21
    Phil Daniel: Ole Glass
  • 5/4/06
    Scott King: Broadsides!
  • 3/10/06
    Virginia Kelly / Nancy Carlson
  • 12/05
    Governor’s Ball Litho Unveiling
  • 11/4/05
    John Berkey: Observed
  • 7/15/05
    Mary GrandPre CowsMeade
  • 5/16/05
    Northfield High Honors Art Show
  • 4/1/05
    Rick/Jan Swearer Prcrs Balance
  • 3/18/05
    The First Edition Print Suite
  • 2/18/05
    Sinclair Tubbd Channeld Choppd
  • 1/15/05
    Dee Teller The Spirited Brush
  • 12/26/04
    A Bazaar Holiday
  • 11/12/04
    Mary GrandPre: An Artistic Spell
  • 8/20/04
    Eight Squared
  • Videos

    James Lenfesty Reading

    Hope Cook Artist Statement

    Ray Gonzalez Day of Dead Poetry

    see larger size here


    John Berkey Observed

    Berkey Poster

    Mary GrandPre An Artistic Spell

    GrandPre Poster