2010 Northwest Regional Library Events

In July of 2010, ArtOrg traveled to five branches of the Northwest Regional Library system to make prints with a small steamroller in an event we call the “Thousand Print Summer”. A list of each venue is on the right, and you can find all the photos from those events at those links. We had a great time, and thanks go out to our main helpers Brooke Vertin, Ben Finley, Mira and Avery Swearer , and Rana and Allen Raeuchele. Thanks also go to Glen Switzer for the use of some equipment, and Forecast Public Art for assisting with event insurance. And last but not least, to the engaged and excited Library staff who made our jobs easy. Thanks!

You can see some wonderful prints from the photos, and almost every artist was photographed with their print. It is easy to find wonderful overall designs, both from the common templates that crop up in repeatedly some of the prints, to completely free-handed works where the artists used their completely individual ideas and concepts. The artists left with a great paper print, and ArtOrg retained the printing blocks for possible reprinting into a larger collaborative work in the future.

Regarding number of people who participated and the project’s impact, we helped artists directly create about 350 prints on paper. The time that an artist took from beginning to end was generally about 20 to 30 minutes–although some took quite a bit longer. There were also parents and other helpers present, which we believe increased the number involved by about 50% more. Then we also notice that there are onlookers who stop by, ask questions and observe one or two printing cycles of the steamroller. We therefore believe that nearly 700 people took part in this six-day-long cycle. Thanks to the Northwest Regional Library System for providing this wonderful and fun opportunity.

“This activity is funded by the Northwest Regional Library through the Minnesota arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.” Thanks, Minnesota!

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