2010 Zigmunds Priede “Time Revealed”

The closing event for the Zigmunds Priede “Time Revealed” exhibit is Saturday November 20 from 4 to 8 pm. Zig Priede will be in attendance.

Zigmunds Priede will be exhibiting several new works in his exhibition titled “Time Revealed”. Mr. Priede was a printmaking professor at the University of Minnesota from 1964 to 1978, and was Master Printer for Universal Limited Art Editions starting in 1962. At Universal, he printed seminal works for Rauschenberg, Johns, Newman, Motherwell, Rosenquist, Frankenthaler, Dine, and others. At the University, he inspired many students in art, and some students to indelible printmaking careers of the highest level. We are expecting several surprise guests at the opening on Sunday, October 17, 2010.

“Many of my works begin with some kind of printing process and develop through the use of collage, paint, and other materials. The presence of hand, automatism, and fortuitous happenings are all significant ingredients. The works are abstract with emphasis on form as foundation and meaning. They form relationships augmented with semiotic associations that need not have specific or exclusive meaning. Diverse viewer interpretations of these associations become an accumulation of meanings over time. Because these works evolve over a prolonged period of time that may extend many years, I choose to call them ‘aggregate time’ works. They represent certain moments of a creative process that is forever ongoing, like the interpretive process.”

The exhibition is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 17 at the new ArtOrg Gallery at 26601 Chippendale Avenue, Northfield, Minnesota 55057. The gallery is located six miles north of Northfield on Highway 3, near the unincorporated town of Castle Rock. This opening event of this exhibition will be coordinated with the last day of the Mid America Print Council Biennial Conference.


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