Ten Entries from Video Diary of 2010 GRRL Events

We experimented with a service call “UStream” to broadcast our printing events. At some locations, we were able to keep a camera showing a long shot of the printing event as it happened. A long shot for the entire day was a bit boring, but did show people what we were doing in a general way. These videos on this page were more in a daily diary format, and just lasted at most several minutes each. They were filmed with a hand-held phone, and depending on the connection, the frame rates were a bit slow–and the videos jumpy. The sound came through quite well, and these videos are provided here for your review! (Please hit the small play button on the bottom of the video you want to see.)

6/25 Buffalo, ” “6/24 Grey Eagle, ” “6/23 Pierz

6/21 Royalton, 6/17 St. Michael, 6/16 Melrose

6/15 Paynesville, 6/12 St. Cloud, 6/11 Richmond

6/10 Sauk Centre