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2009 Plains Art Museum
Steamroller Prints

Plains Art Museum
The creation of nine prints
with Day of the Dead theme.
(12 minutes)

2009 Steamroller Printing
Pecha Kucha

Steamroller Printing Pecha Kucha
Dave presents in a 20 slide
by 20 second format.
(7 minutes)

2008 Thousand Print
Summer: Recap

St Cloud
This video show the last event
of 2008 in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
(2 minutes)

2008 Thousand Print
Summer in 1 Minute

1180 Print Summer
All 1180 prints from the 2008
Thousand Print Summer.
(1 minute)

Masked Destruction

Masked Destruction
This film was ArtOrg’s entry into the 2008 48 Hour Film Project.
(8 minutes)

2007 Summer Solstice
with The Bad Plus

Summer Solstice with The Bad Plus
The dozen-artist Summer Solstice
Exhibit and The Bad Plus
( minutes)

2006 104 Foot Long
Steamroller Print

The Long Print
Making of a 104-foot-long print for a Day of the Dead celebration.
(8 minutes)

2006 Northfield Day
of Dead Celebration

2006 Celebration
Over 400 people attended
this great event.
(1 minute)

2006 Reading Caleveras,
Pushing Limits

Juanita Garciagodoy
Juanita Garciagodoy reads
and interprets her book.
(67 minutes)

2006 Day of the Dead

Ray Gonzalez
Ray Gonzalez reads from his work on Day of the Dead traditions.
(58 minutes)

Mary Draws Harry

Mary GrandPre
The artist Mary GrandPre teaches kids to draw Harry Potter.
(72 minutes)

2005 John Berkey
Images of Paintings

John Berkey
This is a rediscovered work
by the artist John Berkey.
(64 minutes)