Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The first-ever steamroller printing event for ArtOrg was held in September of 2006 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their family day called “Sailing into September”. About 100 prints were created on a very rainy day! Thanks to the MIA’s Public Programs Department for being responsible for supporting ArtOrg’s first formative days of steamroller printing. ArtOrg has also donated examples of its collaborative projects to the Friends of the Institute for their fund raising purposes. In 2008, the first copy of the Twenty Views of Dundas, the Founders Edition numbered I/V, was donated to the Friends. In 2009, the the large four-plate “Northfield Sesquicentennial Governors Ball Lithograph was also donated to the Friends.

ArtOrg and MIA



6/13/10 Family Day

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9/6/06 “Sailing Into Sept.” Family Day

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Thank You Letters

2009 Art Perchance

2009 Art Perchance thank you letter

2008 Art Perchance

2008 Art Perchance