The artist Roland Poska asks the question “are you are a Great Human Being?”, then sign your name on these “Declarations of Interdependance”. The original print suite was started in 1990 as the project “Genentic Messages” and have been now modified to include the final messages. Poska’s long career presently centers around several primary Concepts which include: “Are You a Great Human Being?”, “The Great Human Race”, and “Declarations of Interdependence”. The embodiment of these Concepts often revolve around Herculean artistic production such as Poska’s “Genetic Message” series which include over three-thousand full-sheet handmade stone lithographs.

These sets of prints are exhibited in public places, now all over the globe, and people put their signature to attest to the ideals of the Great Human Race Initiative: to end poverty, end violence and achieve respect for all!

Poska GM Blk 480

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Mini Colophon

Genetic Messages

Large print suite using stone reductive lithography representing the five skin colors of the human race. Prints have embedded messages, and include one true dyptich and one apparent dyptich (printed on single sheet of paper) per skin color.

Artist Roland Poska
Year 1988-1992
Paper Size 42 x 30
Editions 15
Reg. Ed. 150
Proofs 75
Paper Rives BFK
Publisher Fishy Whale Press


Signing Events

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4th of July 2011 Rockford, Illinois

5/15/13 Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

10/6/13 Kyiv, Ukraine