April 28, 2008

ArtOrg 1-2-3 Exhibit At ArtOnWater Gallery

By Dave Machacek

ArtOrg 1 2 3 Exhibit at ArtOnWater Gallery

Three super-huge projects will be the subject of the one-week-only ArtOrg exhibit at Dean Kjerland’s ArtOnWater Gallery at 217 Water Street S. in Northfield. 1) “The 1000 Print Summer” will be announced–this project will result in printing for over 1000 kids and adults this summer at over one-dozen local and regional art festivals and camps. 2) “Art In The Sky” is a project where we recently painted a 100-foot-long skyway in Rochester Minnesota. Artist Rana Raeuchle will paint the front windows of the ArtOnWater Gallery in the same way the actual skyway was painted in Rochester! 3) “The Twenty Views of Dundas” will have a sneak peak–we will be showing about 1/2 of the finished artworks from Ray Jacobson, Sharol Nau and Pat Lampe, Fred Somers, Fred Hagstrom, John Saurer, Meg Ojala, Alex Hage, Carolyn Swiszcz, Scott West, and Hope Cook. Don’t miss your short opportunity to get a glimpse of the set! The main opening event will be held on Saturday, May 3 from 3 to 8 pm, and general hours are Thursday, May 1 to Thursday, May 8 from 3 to 8 pm.

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