May 15, 2013

“Energy Chess” Finalist

By Dave Machacek

energy chess 1

ArtOrg was selected by the Center for Energy and Environment to be a finalist in their recent call to produce public art that is themed on energy and conservation. ArtOrg submitted a large-scale playable chess game, and will create individual chess pieces from the work of many artists. Creative collaborative projects are ArtOrg’s mission, and we look to our successful past projects to guide us in the project we call “Energy Chess”. The chessboard will measure 24 feet on each side. The kings and queens will measure 8 feet tall; the rooks, knights, and bishops will measure 6 feet tall; and the pawns will measure 4 feet tall. All pieces will be easily moveable to facilitate play. The white side of the chess board of “Energy Chess” represents man, but more specifically represents the different ways we use energy. The black side of the board represents the earth and the many sources of energy. In this way, we set up a game where man plays the earth, and a battle is waged between energy sources and energy uses. The important question to ask is who wins—or should man and the earth play under a new set of rules, where a stable symbiotic stalemate is reached?

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