May 3, 2014

Trunk for Childrens Gift Completed

By Dave Machacek

trunk 480

The trunk that will house the large folded-up Children’s Gift to Norway fabric print has been recently completed. The trunk is big–about double the size of the standard immigrant trunk and measures 66 inches long by 46 inches high by 34 inches wide. It has casters capable of supporting the 250 pound weight of the CGTN print. The trunk was designed by many, but ultimately drawn to scale and constructed artist/woodworker Noel Swanson. The unpainted trunk was then taken to the studio of artist TL Solien of Madison, Wisconsin and he painted the work. Then, a team from the Guild of Metalsmiths lead by Tom Latane added all of the ironwork to the trunk. The blacksmithing was done at the Tunnel Mill facility in Spring Valley, Minnesota. All of the work was done in traditions of European immigrant trunks–even the nails were made by hand using a forge. ArtOrg documented the work on this important part of the Children’s Gift to Norway project in several photosets: 1) Construction and Design, 2) Painting, 3) Blacksmithing, and 4) Completed Trunk. Thanks very much to all of the people that were involved in making this beautiful artwork.

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