October 25, 2014

Learn About Day of the Dead

By Dave Machacek

The 104-foot-long Day of the Dead Print

About this time of year, a certain page on our website called “Learn About Day of the Dead” becomes very active, as people start thinking about the Latino holiday Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos. ArtOrg has had several Dia de los Muertos projects over the years with Latino artists and groups and we have collected all of the information on one page. We recommend that people visit the page, and really take some time to see the art that was created and hear the artists talk about their work in their own words. Of particular interest may be two hour-long videos we have showing the Poet Ray Gonzalez talking about his experiences, and the late Scholar Juanita Garcia-Godoy talking about her book “Digging the Days of the Dead”. There are also photos that show ArtOrg’s collaborative print from 2006 that collected all of the Day of the Dead 4-foot-by-8-foot steamroller prints on one piece of fabric. That 104-foot-long artwork has been display at Minnesota Day of the Dead festivals almost very year since its creation in 2006 in Northfield, Minnesota.

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