March 15, 2015

CGTN Lion Show Ready to Travel

By Dave Machacek

Lion HDMG 480

The ArtOrg project called the “Children’s Gift to Norway” is progressing, and we would like to offer the smaller version of the project, the so-called “Lion Show”, to your art-based or Norway-based gathering. Basically we travel to your event and set up an entire exhibit that showcases the Children’s Gift to Norway. The huge fabric print that measures 50 x 100 foot (15 x 30 meter) is simply too big for most venues to exhibit easily. It is bigger than a basketball court! As a result we constructed a 10 x 20 foot (3 x 6 meter) print in the same way as the larger work, and it depicts a Lion. (There is rich history about image of the Lion representing the country of Norway.) We bring set up the Lion print, the Trunk (with the huge CGTN print inside) and other interpretive materials. We can also give a presentation about the project. So far, we have had good response to ongoing Lion Show presentations at Pauline Fjelde Lodge of the Daughters of Norway, The Easter gatherings at the St. John’s Church in Northfield, the main entrance hall at the Rockford Illinois City Hall, and at our good friends at the HDMG company in Minneapolis. Our goal is to begin “Lion Show” exhibitions to all of the 15 venues where the children created 1500 prints built the foundation for the entire project. We have interest from several venues on the West Coast of the USA for shows and we hope to be able to organize a West Coast trip.

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