November 8, 2005

John Berkey Observed Show Opens

By Dave Machacek

Opening Night
John Berkey’s show opened Friday night to a nice crowd of about 300, and John was there in person to meet everyone. The show will be open Thursdays to Sundays until December 18.

100 Book Covers
Visitors saw about 100 paperback books that John has illustrated, out of the over 200 books that he did over his 50-year career.

Greg Mattern
Dave Machacek talks with HDMG‘s Greg Mattern and John Gleim. Greg and John remastered the experimental videos that were created about 1987 by John Berkey, and were premiered at Carleton College on Saturday, November 5. Many thanks to HDMG for their work in saving these interesting and important video works.

Bob Anderson, Malcolm Liepke, Paul Oxborough
Bob Anderson was seen with friends, former students, and notable artists Malcolm Liepke and Paul Oxborough. Paul’s father-in-law is local jazz legend Dave Karr, who played for one of ArtOrg’s jazz concerts last year. The link to the CNN article on Paul Oxborough talks about Bob Anderson’s influence on Paul’s art.

John Berkey
John Berkey.

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