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The large fabric print called the “Children’s Gift to Norway” is traveling to Norway in a trunk that is inspired by traditional Norwegian immigrant trunks. The trunk is being created by three artists with utility in mind–the printed artwork is very large and heavy, so the trunk must strong. The trunk must also be mobile to help with the transport of the artwork.
The trunk was built by Noel Swanson, the ironwork forged by blacksmith Thomas Latané, and the trunk painted by artist TL Solien. Tom Latané was helped by several members of the Guild of Metalsmiths and the work was done at Tunnel Mill near Spring Valley, Minnesota. The inspiration for each contribution to the trunk is individual, and reflects each artist’s personal relationship to the project.
The trunk will be placed in a shipping crate for further protection. The crate will adhere to international standards for size and materials. The crate will have interpretive materials on the inside walls that can be used when exhibiting the project.

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Children’s Gift to Norway Trunk

Painted wooden shipping trunk with iron hardware on casters with removable skirtboards and two drawers.

Artists 3
Year 2014
Size 66 x 34 x 36 in
167x 87 x 91 cm
Artist TL Solien
Blacksmith Thomas Latané, and the Guild of Metalsmiths
Woodworker Noel Swanson
Publisher ArtOrg
Marks Signatures
Edition 1


Final Trunk Photos

TL Solien 240
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Blacksmithing the Trunk

TL Solien 240
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Painting the Trunk

TL Solien 240
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Building the Trunk

TL Solien 240
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