Who is ArtOrg?
Artorg was incorporated in 2004 as a non-profit corporation in the State of Minnesota, and is governed by a Board of Directors and run by an Executive Director. ArtOrg has a facility under renovation in the City of Cannon Falls, Minnesota which will become its main facility, but continues to maintain ties throughout the region and in nearby Northfield, Minnesota.

What is ArtOrg’s mission?
Our mission statement is “ArtOrg impacts individuals and communities through visual arts projects and events primarily centered in the print, with public art, commissioned work, and experiential-based education initiatives.” We urge you to look at our history, and tell us if this mission holds true.

How many times has your steamroller printing event been done?
As of the start of 2014, we have performed the event 109 times in 55 cities for 9199 children and adults. In 2014, we anticipate reaching our 10,000th print in what will be our seventh year of the event we all the “Thousand Print Summer”.

What is your policy regarding use of the children’s art and photos?
ArtOrg does not use art from or photos taken of children without asking. For the “Thousand Print Summer” event, we ask for permission and have a sign-in sheet at every event. We also ask if we can take a photo as the print is handed to the artist, and a tag with this information is paper-clipped to the paper print when handed to the artist. If you would like us to take down photos or not use a particular printing block, please let us know and we will use our best efforts to help your concern.

Video Questions

How were the prints created? (2 min)

How were the prints created? (7 min)

How many prints is 1000 prints? (1 min)