September 3, 2012

Recent Project Public Exhibitions

By Dave Machacek

The ArtOrg project “Seat Suite” has been recently exhibited at two venues, and ArtOrg also recently hosted Illinois artist Roland Poska and his “Great Human Race Initiative”. First, the Seat Suite was presented at the day-long ArtFaire event in St. Cloud Minnesota in early August, and then at the Minnesota State Fair in late August. Later at the end of the State Fair, ArtOrg hosted Poska and his initiative which incorporated signings of his “Declarations of Interdependence”. The response was great for all three events, and for the two State Fair events we made use of a large inflatable A-Frame to announce the exhibits. You can see the photos here: 8/8/12 Seat Suite in St. Cloud, 8/24/12 Seat Suite at the State Fair, and 9/3/12 Great Human Race Initiative at State Fair. Photo above is one of the “Listening Ears” from Mary GrandPre, artist of the Seat Suite. Thanks to all!

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