May 31, 2011

A Busy 1000 Print Summer

By Dave Machacek

ArtOrg is gearing up for a active summer and has no less than 15 small steamroller printing events scheduled in June alone. Please go to our calendar on our main website for the specifics, or if you prefer Facebook, there is a complete event list there, too. The small steamroller printing event we have named the “Thousand Print Summer” and we printed at 32 venues from Rochester to Warroad last year for 2348 kid and adult artists. There were also three projects last year that made use of printing blocks from the Thousand Print Summer to create larger collaborative works. The Big Print, The Peace Caterpillar, and the St. Cloud Cult Print were all examples of the artist print blocks living on after they were first created. Some of these projects were organized by the Minnesota regional library system, and some were funded all or in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. For events in the northwest corner of Minnesota, please see our page devoted to the Northwest Regional Library, and for events in the center of the state near Fergus Falls, please look to our Viking Library System page.

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