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Our small steamroller printing began one rainy day in fall of 2006 at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. In 2008 an important grant was awarded to ArtOrg by Forecast Public Art and the Jerome Foundation which allowed us to buy equipment to take the show on the road. It was in that proposal that the name “Thousand Print Summer” was coined, a bit in reference to the old surf movie “The Endless Summer”. Along the way, we save the printing blocks and have reprinted them into what we call “Print Mashups” for several groups and special exhibits. We have surpassed 100 printing events in 2013, and will go over 10,000 prints total in 2014. Our expansion of this event is in part fueled by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

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  • Alexander Hage, Allen Raeuchle, Ally Cassel, Alvin Ho, Anda Tanaka, Avery Swearer, Ben Finley, Brenda Flores, Brook Vertin, Claire Alberg, Dave Machacek, Douglas Padilla, Ethan Alberg, Greg Mattern, Gustavo Lira, Jasmyne McKay, Jim Grafsgaard, Kari Alberg, Keeney Swearer, Lisa Alberg, Marcos Giossi, Matthew Bunch, Mira Swearer, Molly Baeverstad, Nathan Davis, Nuno Nunez, Paloma Giossi, Rana Raeuchle, Rick Swearer, Sam Hage, Therese Sexe, Tina Tavera, Xavier Tavera, and more…

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